Thursday, 30 October 2008

What a busy month

Gosh! I've just looked at my blog and realised that it is a month since I talked to you all.- Sorry. The thing is I've been so busy since I came out of hospital. overdoing things as is usual for me but I've survived. The operation went well apart from being allergic to the cyclazine drug they gave me for the sickness. Thank goodness the nurse came to do my obs in the middle of the night or I would not have been writing to you all now. I didn't have a problem with it as I was oblivious to the situation until the next morning when the nurses kept telling me that I had given everyone a scare. Still no problem, I'm over it all now and feeling better than I have for years.

I had a week of doing absolutely nothing at home and then started to prepare the last items ready for the long 9 days exhibiting at the antique Fairs. Not exactly what the doctor ordered, but when you own your own business that is what you have to do. All went well and the fairs were good to us, so thank you to everyone who bought from us. We met lots of new clients from Japan, America and Australia, Italy and Germany and of course from good old England. We were absolutely shattered on our return home but after a week of domestic activities we set off to Scotland for a week holiday which my darling son Daniel bought for me as a treat to help me to recover. It was absolutely super to get away from it all. The weather was not too kind but we relaxed and I got a lot of felting work done.

So now I'm back home with lots of wonderful fabrics etc piled up ready to wash, iron, photograph and list on my site. The problem I have is space, so today I've listed some larger fabrics to sell off cheaply in order to make room for the new ones.

Before I go today I'd just like to tell you that one of my lovely customers in Japan has sent me some photographs of the items she has created from the scrap bags she purchased from Rag Rescue. I will post them tomorrow.

In the meantime take a look at the 'New lisings' on the site. you may find something that takes your fancy.

As a final and very important note, I'd like to thank all you wonderful people out there that sent me messages, cards and presents to wish me well and a big thank you to my dear German friend Monika who sent me a wonderful felted 'Guardian angel which I took into hospital with me and which really helped to look after me.


RubyMay said...

welcome back hun...glad all is well and will pop back later to see your scrummy stuff...Hugs xxx

Raggy said...

Hope you have done all of your crafting for Christmas. If so you are ahead of me.
Speak soon and thanks for commenting.