Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Focussing hard on an image

I will be focussing hard on this image tomorrow as I wait for my operation. It is such a tranquil place at this time of year. Ulleswater, in the Lake District is where we often stop off for a picnic after a day at the auctions. The auction will have to go on tomorrow without me, gall bladder removal here I come and I can't wait. I may have spent the last six months on a fat free diet, lost nearly three stone and learnt to manage the pain but I don't need it so its going. I looking on it as a bit of an Autumnal clean. Well I'm having to joke about it. My global friends have been so reassuring. I've had a felted guardian angel sent me and numerous prayers being said tomorrow. Thank you to all of you, your kind words have been very comforting.

Rag Rescue is not closing - work must go on. I've instructed my husband and whilst I'm in hospital, (two days at the most I hope) then please bear with us. Communication will be a little slower but we will get your items to you, so continue to send in your orders please.

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RubyMay said...

I hope all has gone well with your op hun.
Thinking of you x