Thursday, 24 April 2008


Bags of texiles at a landfill taken by TRAID

I went to the TRAID website today. If you are concerned about saving the planet then it is worth a look.
I love textiles as you probably know and am trying to do my bit by recycling as many textiles as I can. I buy as many clothes as I can for myself at charity shops and those that I decide aren't me, I cut up for crafting ideas or supplies. I started my website RAG RESCUE in order to give people the opportunity to recycle old fabrics and many of you have discovered that you can re-use these fabrics and trims to make delightful items.

Today I'd like you to stop and think when you go out shopping to buy a new dress or bag. Look at the points below that I have found on TRAID, perhaps after reading you will think twice about buying new and go to such places as ETSY and INDEPUBLIC where you will find superb individual designs that have been created out of recycled fabrics.

For those of you that already dress themselves in these wonderful recycled products or indeed make them , please send me photo's or links and I will show them on my website.

Just take a minute of your time to read these HORRORS:

The fashion industry is producing new styles at a frantic rate
2.15 million tonnes of new clothing are purchased in the UK each year.
Virgin resources are being used faster than they can be produced.

This creates the following serious problems:

900,000 million items of clothing are thrown away to landfill in this country as new one are replaced
*The Man-made fibres do not decompose.
*The Woollens compose but produce methane.
*Toxic pesticides and other chemicals are being used to grow cotton
*Energy is being used to transport products around the globe.
*The grasslands of the Alashan Plateau in China have been turned into a dustbowl due to over grazing of goats for cashmere.
*In Uzbekistan, 85% of the Aral Sea has disappeared as a result of drainage for cotton production.

All this contributes to global warming and climate change and changes our planet forever.


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