Monday, 3 March 2008

Days busy with eBaying

eBay 200203671934

First I must apologise for letting down my customers who have been waiting for me to list new items on Rag Rescue
The reason for the delay is that my husband is going into hospital tomorrow for an operation, poor thing. This has meant that we have had to cancel all of our Antique fairs until June. As this is our only source of income along with the websites it has meant that I am having to go to auctions and list items on eBay everyday in order to survive this period. I will get around to putting new things on Rag rescue but I ask you to bear with me for a week or two until I can get into a routine. i do have lots of items to add, sewing patterns, knitting patterns, silks, cotton reels etc but as you all probably know it takes time.
In the meantime you may find something on my ebay site ID - tall2000
If you would like me to email you when items have been listed on the Rag Rescue site then please go to the site and send me an email and then you can get the pick. There will be lots of rosy fabrics, checks and other large pieces.
So up at 6am tomorrow to get to the hospital for 7.30am, get him settled and drive for an hour to an auction view. AT least I won't get bored.

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