Friday, 31 January 2014

Using vintage haberdashery in your jewellry making projects.

I found this wonderful necklace this morning whilst browsing Pinterest. It has given me so many ideas. There are lots of similar haberdashery and lace items on my website I think I might use some of them to make a similar necklace for myself. Better be quick before I use them all.

Once Upon a Time Necklace by AllThingsPretty, via Flickr

Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Metro advertisment brings lots of new customers to Rag Rescue

I thought I might be able to have a catch up week this week, as I didn't have anything new listed on the website. WRONG AGAIN. Since I had free advertising in the 'Metro' newspaper I have been inundated with new customers placing orders. Not that I'm complaining at all. Just love you all for liking what I do for a living.

I've been buying lots of new vintage fabrics and there is more to arrive next week I think, so that will keep me busy. I really must have a good sort out of my stock room as it is getting rather unworkable at the moment, with fabrics that need washing, measuring and photographing. I just wish we could have a couple of bright days to do some shots then the fabrics could be put away in my system.

Here are some lovely Easter bunnies for you to make with small pieces of fabric. You can use them to hang on some twigs for Easter or sell them. As you know there are lots of wonderful small pieces of fabric on Rag Rescue website which would be ideal for making these rabbits.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Lots of French vintage fabric at thhe Rag Rescue website today

Not only have I added four more French vintage fabrics today, I've also topped up three more. They were sold so very quickly and customers did ask about more.

Todays listings

Block printed vintage French fabric, maroon background with cream flowers.

39cms x 24cms 4 pieces available uncut at £6.00 each.

web page HERE

 Beautiful 19th century French fabric with a bird in the design - jan 23

This is a lovely design of branches of trees with flowers and a bird, in pinks, lilacs, brown and green on a light grey background. The design is similar to a chinoiserie design.

38cms x 42cm. 2 pieces available uncut at £8.00 each

Web page HERE

 A lovely clean looking French fabric from the 1930's.

36cms x 30cms - £6.50

Web page HERE
 A lovely clean looking French linen fabric with a deisn of bunches of flowers including roses and forget-me-nots.

40cms x 34cms - £8.00
Web page HERE

The following fabrics were sold but I have added some more pieces of each.
Web page HERE

Web page HERE

Web page HERE

Friday, 24 January 2014

Antique French borders,braids and strip rolls at Rag Rescue

There are some lovely borders and strip rolls on the website this morning. 
Click on any of the photo's below and you will be taken to the page on the website.

Early 19th century French Toile de Jouy cotton border - Jan 4
 This beautiful length of early 19th century French Toile de Jouy cotton border is block printed and dates from around 1810.
Click HERE to be taken to the web page

 French Victorian fabric strip roll - Jan 1
This wonderful Victorian fabric was found underneath an early 19th century French fabric border.
Click HERE to be taken to the web page

French vintage fabric strip roll - Jan 3
The strip roll is 40cms long x 9cms wide
Uncut until required
Click HERE to be taken to the web page

Vintage French braid with embroidered kettles.
Unused braid, ideal for shelf edging or edging towels or tea towels.
1.38m long x 6.5cms wide.
Click HERE to be taken to the web page.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Vintage fabric squares for patchwork and small projects

I'm hoping to get some washing of vintage fabric completed this morning as they are piling up.
Today I've put some more lovely vintage fabric squares on the website. These are great, not only for patchwork but for any small project.


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Victorian cabinet card photo album frames at Rag Rescue

Sorry I'm a little late with my posting today but I had to take my mother for a CAT scan at the hospital.

Todays listings are something a little different.
These frames were taken from a cabinet card photo album produced in the Victorian era. The album was badly damaged and the best frames kept.
These frames are ideal for solid framing of favourite photo's or using to create a wedding journal or special birth or birthday journal as a keepsake.

The frames have seen a little wear over the years but this only adds to the uniqueness and history of the frame. There are no tears to the heavy card.

Monday, 20 January 2014

NEW - Vintage fabric Stash Packs at Rag Rescue today

When I am cutting out vintage fabric pieces for the scrap bags and squares, I always have some good pieces left over. There is nothing wrong with these pieces but they are too small for the sizes I use. I have therefore decided to sell these as 'stash packs'.

There are ten good pieces of vintage fabric in a 'stash pack'. They are all different shapes and sizes .

Ideal for crazy patchwork,cards, journals,trade cards,postcards,memory pieces, buttons jewellery and any other crafts you can think for using small scraps of fabric.

You can find them 

Sunday, 19 January 2014

What is your favourite French fabric design ?

French vintage and antique fabrics have such wonderful designs. My favourite designs are Art Nouveau and pretty small roses.
Please comment on what are your favourite designs. It will really help me to choose the fabrics I buy.

The four French fabrics below are now on the website.

 I thought this would be popular. I'm sorry it has now been sold.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Beautiful vintage fabric from a soggy Saturday in Morecambe

The rain is pouring down here in Morecambe so I think I'll stay inside today and sort out my stock room ready for the next batch of goodies to arrive.

Today I have listed more wonderful vintage fabrics.

Sorry all sold now.

Colourful French antique fabric late 19th century - Jan 28

I just love the design and colours on this wonderful fabric. The colours have gently faded so that they aren't harsh any more.
34cms x 30cms

 1960s vintage English floral fabric - D22

Wonderful floral design in a pop art type of way with a wide variety of colours.

46cms x 33cms

Sorry, this fabric has been sold

Friday, 17 January 2014

French antique red toile crafting from Rag Rescue

A lady who owns the Alchymyst's Study blog buys regularly from Rag Rescue. Before Christmas she made the wonderful purse you can see below, for her friend.
I love the way she has used part of the French antique red toile on the front of the purse.

Today I have listed four more pieces of wonderful French antique red toile. Two have already been sold but the remaining two can be found at the

Early 19th century French Toile de Jouy fabric . Pallas and Venus design - Jan1

This is a wonderful red French Toile de Jouy fabric design, dating from approximately 1806. The design is named 'Pallas et Venus' .

The stunning design, which is roller printed on cotton has rosettes in the background with medallions of various shapes containing images of putti, animals, Pallas the Greek name of the warrior goddess Minerva and wreaths of roses, to name but a few.
Antique French red toile fabric - jan 4

A lovely vignette of a lady being entertained by a gentleman plating a flute. The design also shows a park with a castle in the background and a sheep in the foreground.

Probably early 20th century.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Vintage fabric floral scrapbags, helping you to keep buying vintage at Rag Rescue

 'Keep Calm and buy vintage' is today's slogan as shown in the work of 'acottagelife' on Etsy.

Lots of pieces of vintage floral fabrics in the form of scrapbags have listed on the Rag Rescue website today. Only £4.00 a scrapbag with four different fabrics.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Vintage fabric squares at Rag Rescue today and a tutorial for fabric eggs.

I'm adding some more vintage fabric squares to the collection on the Rag Rescue website today -
These squares can be used for patchwork but also for other sewing crafts. 
See the fabric Easter eggs below made by 'RetroMama'. There is a link to a tutorial for making them.

Here are the squares which have been added today.

 4inch square - £0.40

 5inch square - £0.50

 6inch square - £0.60

 5inch square - £0.50, 4inch square - £0.40,6inch square - £0.60

 5inch square - £0.50

6inch square - £0.60
Fabric Easter made by Retro Mama. If you follow the link below you will find a tutorial on how to make them,