Monday, 30 August 2010

Vintage fabric - English, and French including antique toile + vintage goods

What a lovely hot day today for a change. I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday. Morecambe was busier than I've ever seen it, not a parking space to be found on the 4 mile front looking across the bay.

Anyway here are tomorrows listings.

All at the Rag Rescue website on Tuesday 31st August, listing at 7am BST

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Vintage goods at Rag Rescue

Being listed on Friday 27th August at 7am BST

I thought I would list these early today as my previous customers haven't had a look at them on their weekly newsletter. Just didn't have time to photograph them before.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

More vintage fabric scrapbags - last day for a while

Being listed tomorrow, Thursday at 7am BST.

Gosh I'm whacked! I think last weeks 5 days of getting up at 5am has just caught up with me.
That having been said I still stood for 3 hours hand washing loads of French toile pieces this morning and then ironed them all this afternoon, my poor feet..... I'll begin making squares, scrapbags, scrappy parcels and larger pieces tomorrow ready to list next week.
I've decided that as from next week I'm going to list 7 days a week. The reason is that my next fairs start at the beginning of October, which actually isn't that far away and I have so many wonderful fabrics to list for you.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Vintage fabric scrappy parcels

before I went to the fairs I made loads of vintage fabric parcels. They sold extremely well, but unfortunately only these seven are left.
I've started thinking about Christmas crafting so there are four vintage fabric scrappy parcels in red and green designs. There will be more to follow as I have bought numerous vintage fabrics that will be suitable for the Christmas festival celebration.
Each parcel contains 20 pieces with one side less than 4". Some pieces are long. Ideal for crazy quilting, mixed with the wonderful array of coloured vintage silks that you can also find on the Rag Rescue site.
These vintage fabric scrappy parcels will be listed tomorrow 24th August at 7am.
Find them in the New listings category on the RAG RESCUE SITE

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Four days of vintage fabrics being listed on Rag Rescue.

Four days of vintage fabrics are being listed this week. There are 24 new scrapbags and 7 scrappy parcels. Friday will see listings of the vintage items I bought at the fairs.
As I only returned home from the fairs yesterday afternoon, I haven't had time to open the three large banana boxes which are crammed full of vintage fabrics. Of course I'll be spending the week soaking, hand washing and ironing these fabrics rest for the wicked.

Thank you to everyone that visited us at the two fairs. I sold a lot of Rag Rescue items and had some great conversations with customers. The weather was very kind although it became very windy and stormy on Friday.

There was rather a sad moment at Lincoln when I caught someone stealing from my table. Fortunately I got the items back from her and notified the security. With our description, the on site policeman caught her, but not before she had stolen many more items (some highly priced)from other stall holders. After giving a statement to the police it rather put a dampener on the whole proceedings.
On my return home I discovered that there had already been a court hearing and she was fined £85 and kept in custody for one day. This doesn't even begin to cover the cost of the police time spent on the case, let alone the items which the stall holders couldn't sell as they were being held until the case came to court and then returned. Hardly a deterrent.
What are your views on this sentence? Lets start a discussion here.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Enjoy a day out at Lincolnshire Antiques and Home Show.

I thought I would show you where I will be on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and why Rag Rescue website is closed for sales until my return home.


All day we are entertained by the Red Arrows. Their base is next door to the showground so we see them training and watch the spectacular manoeuvres in the sky.
The shopping arcade outside the Epic Centre which is where Rag Rescue can be found - 2nd marquee on the left of the photo in front of the building.
Inside the Epic Centre.
Outside stalls
Something for everyone.
It is so tempting.
No need to go to France, buy French items at the fair.
Clothes by the tent full.
All colours, designs and era's.
Meet all nationalities, as they fly over from the four corners of the world to this event.
Be entertained!
But you will need stout walking shoes or boots, there are thousands of stalls.

I hope to see you there.

New blog header by Electric pencil design

I hope you like my new header for this blog. I've been meaning to design one myself for ages but just hadn't found the time.
Whilst surfing the web one day, I came across this wonderful website selling all sorts of graphics for web design  and yes, they do blog headers. For a small charge I was able to get this header for Rag Rescue.
Why don't you have a look at their website and when making an enquiry please mention you found the information at Rag Rescue.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Quilting with rescued Victorian fabrics - Charlotte - 1

Having purchased an almost two hundred year old cottage, Charlotte decided to make a quilt using recycled Victorian fabrics. She had never quilted before but took on this mammoth task with enthusiasm and patience.

Whilst waiting for the sign over of the house, she carefully added patches to the quilt. 

The quilt is now taking shape as Charlotte carefully chose each individually piece, matching colours and shapes.

They are finally in their new home so I presume that Charlotte's time has been filled with decorating. I know that as the evenings draw in she will enjoy getting back to her quilting and it won't be long before this quilt takes pride of place on her bed.

Follow Charlotte's quilting progress on the side bar 'Look at what Rag rescue customers have created.'

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Rag Rescue customer creations with vintage fabrics - Emma -1

A regular customer of Rag Rescue has been buying vintage fabric scrapbags and vintage fabric squares for quite a while now.
A few days ago I discovered that she is making a quilt and so I asked if she could send me some photo's.
She told me that it isn't finished yet but just look at what she has created......

Emma apologises for the quality of the photo's, but I think they are great especially as today was a dull day.

Just look at this wonderful array of hexagons, I'm presuming that she has yet to attach these to the quilt in the next week or so.
She really is a star as she sent me the measurements of the hexagons.
And even told us how many she got out of each scrapbag.

Well done Emma, I can't wait to see the completed quilt.
I just wish I had the patience and the time to make one myself.
I am so envious.

This will be the first of 'Rag Rescue customers creations' and I will be making a link to all of the related posts on the side bar a.s.a.p.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Rag Rescue's last day of new listings for a few weeks.

Tomorrow at the Rag Rescue website

So what am I going to do next week when there isn't any new listings, you might ask. 

Well I shall be busy making new scrappy parcels as I only have one left and some new scrapbags for a start. There are also loads of buttons to sew onto cards. I have a huge mountain of sales to log into my spread sheets to keep the tax man happy etc etc etc.

Hubby has already started filling up our little walled garden with his restoration work. I can just squeeze around everything to water the flowers although the rain has helped me a great deal.
It has taken him three days to strip all the rust off the Victorian iron bedstead and there is still all of the polishing to do. The old firedog grate didn't take as long and the wonderful Paddington Street street sign looks wonderful now that it has been cleaned. I daren't show you the garage. The German table and chairs are staying of course, especially now that have been newly painted, just hope there is plenty of sun left at the end of August.
For those of you that regularly read this blog you will have guessed why our little house in Morecambe is a hive of activity - the fairs are looming but not for another 10 days so there is plenty of time to place your orders. More news on that front next week.