Sunday, 29 June 2008

Chinese embroideries.

I just love antique Chinese embroideries. Not only is the embroidery so superbly executed but the fabric on which it is embroidered has wonderful designs on the silk.
This piece of Chinese embroidery is hand worked in fabulous shades of silk thread. The silk on which it is embroidered has a pattern of clouds.
You will find many pieces of these Chinese embroideries on the 'RagRescue' website.
I managed to salvage two old kimono's that had worn badly and were past repair. I saved the best bits of embroideries , as I you all know I can't throw anything away.

Superb as a collection or would look wonderful on a hanging or quilt top.

Friday, 27 June 2008

Felted vintage flowers

My second avoidance strategy.
I wanted to try out something different, so I added these vintage velvet flowers between the layers of wool fibres A few dried leaves and flower stamens at the bottom of the piece will make a good foundation for the woodland floor. A sprinkle of lavender makes it smell so wonderful and gives it texture. All I have to do now is embellish it with embroidery.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Paperwork avoidance strategy

If you read my post yesterday you'll know that I was looking for an avoidance strategy away from doing the company books ready for the tax man. Well I found it. I decided that after 5 hours on the computer I'd spend the rest of the afternoon felting.

I just love wet felting as I find it is great for releasing stress. I had no idea what I wanted to create, but having said that, that's how I work. Having all my bits and pieces together I began to lay layers of fabric on the base and what you see above is the result so far.

Normally I don't lay any fibres on top of the fabric but this time I did as I wanted a textured piece but reasonably flat. I used alpaca wool for the first time, something I'd bought at last years woolfest in Cumbria. Not sure how happy I am with using it as it is very hairy and I had to do a lot of trimming. I can see wonderful images in this piece, great ideas for my embellishing. you will be able to follow this pieces development on my other blog FELTISSIMO

Yet another use for Rag Rescue fabric scrap bags.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Flying dragons

This little motif reminds me of the day my grand-daughter Molly went hunting dragons around the house. She is only two and a half but her imagination is developing so quickly. Of course we had to make sure that she shooed them all away before she went home otherwise at night time it would have been granny who was the dragon.
Well I don't really think I'm going to enjoy my work today. I've timetabled in for the start of doing my books for the tax man, a thing I hate doing. I was hoping that I could walk down the road to the beach to cheer me up but it looks as if it may be wet again today. Any ideas on an hours respite will be gratefully received.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The return

I'd like to apologise to all of you who regularly read my blog, for the lack of posts. Unfortunately I have been ill and have been struggling with the every day business things that needed doing. When I got around to blogging my energy had gone. Still I'm now on the list for removal of my gall bladder so the quicker that comes the better.

For all of those I have a chat to at the Newark Antiques Fair, I am sorry I missed you and I hope Steve could find what you wanted. I was there at the beginning but had a serious bout at the stall and two wonderful St. Johns ambulance people later, three paramedics and two ambulances dealt with me quickly, whisking me off to the Lincoln hospital where I spent the next few days in somewhat oblivion due to the morphine.

At the moment I'm back on form, missing my chocolate and cheese but healthier and one and a half stone lighter for the new diet. So I'm hoping to post a blog at least every other day to keep you in touch with what is happening with me and of course the Rag Rescue. I have so much stuff to list that I am determined to list new items every week while I can. I've made a new start by listing 30 items of scrap bags, ribbons (some lovely old ones like the picture here) braids and lace. So please take a look.